Recording Your Broadcasts

By default, Ecamm Live keeps a local, full-quality recording of every broadcast you produce through the app.

Retrieving Your Past Recordings

The Recording Menu at the top of your display holds the tools you need to enable or disable automatic recording, a way to get at your past recordings, and even change the location of where you want your recordings saved. By default, Ecamm Live saves your recorded videos in a subfolder of your macOS user’s Documents folder.

Record-Only Mode

Ecamm Live features a mode to record locally only. When you choose this mode, all features that are not service-specific are available for you to record a video offline. This is great for a number of tasks, such as practicing before doing a live broadcast, pre-recording sections of a broadcast for later use, or simply to create videos for non-streaming situations like vlogs or tutorials.

To enable Record-only mode, in the bottom right corner of the Main Window, select Record Only from the Destination menu.