Other Options

There are a few other helpful options in the Options menu at the top of the screen.

Use High Quality

Ecamm Live streams at a bit rate that balances the amount of data we send over the internet and the visual clarity of your video. If you want to broadcast in higher bit rate, and your upload speed is fast enough, you can select Options menu ➝ Use High Quality, or during a broadcast by clicking the HD button at the top of the screen. This will require a sustained minimum of 4 Mbps (megabits per second) for your internet upload speed. If at any point your connection cannot sustain this, Ecamm will automatically reduce the bit rate so that the broadcast may continue.

Stream Size

Options menu ➝ Stream Size. Choose from 540p, 720p, or 1080p.

Facebook’s standard livestream size is 720p. You may wish to choose the smaller option for streaming to Periscope, or if your internet connection’s upload speed is insufficient for 720p.

While Facebook will accept a 1080p video stream, it does not currently offer the ability to view a stream at this resolution. Other streaming destinations such as YouTube fully support 1080p broadcasts.

The stream size cannot be changed during a broadcast.

Stream Aspect

Options menu ➝ Stream Aspect. Choose from Wide (16x9), Classic (4x3), Square, and Tall (9x16), or choose the Aspect ratio of your Mac’s display. The last option allows you to use 360° Cameras.

Think of “aspect” as “shape”—9x16 is like a mobile display held in portrait orientation. 16x9 is like an HDTV screen, and 4x3 is like standard definition televisions before HD. Square is, well, square.

The stream shape cannot be changed during a broadcast.