Multicast To Switchboard

Switchboard Live is a cloud-based service for live streaming to multiple platforms. To use Switchboard in Ecamm Live, select Switchboard Live in the Destination menu. The Switchboard Login button will appear at the bottom of the Main Window.

If you’ve never logged into Switchboard with Ecamm Live, click Login now. You’ll be greeted with the same options you have to log into Switchboard on the web.

Configure multicasting workflows on your Switchboard Cloud dashboard. Once set up, you’ll see your Switchboard Cloud workflows listed in the Post to menu below the Destination menu. Pick a workflow, and then begin broadcasting by clicking Go Live.

Comments, reactions such as Facebook likes and Periscope hearts, and viewer count are not available when using Switchboard.

Ending a Switchboard Broadcast

Click Finish.

(That’s it.)

Post-broadcast options

After clicking Finish we’ll present you with a message confirming your broadcast has ended, and offer two options for your next steps.

Show File - click to reveal the local video file in your Mac’s Finder.

Send To YouTube - click to send the local video file to your YouTube Account. If you’ve never used the YouTube feature, you’ll be asked to sign in when you press the Send To YouTube button. You’ll then be presented with a form to add information about your upload, and set its visibility options. Once you’ve uploaded, you can close the dialog box or you can click to Go To YouTube to view your upload.

Logging out of Switchboard Live

Ecamm Live will stay logged into Switchboard Live unless you manually log out. If you’d like to log out of Switchboard Live, with Switchboard Live selected in the Destination menu, go to the Ecamm Live menu at the top of your display, and select Log Out. In the Main Window, we’ll ask to confirm before logging you out. Click Log Out and it will be so.