After Your Broadcast Ends

After clicking Finish we’ll present you with a message confirming your broadcast has ended, and offer several options for your next steps.

Facebook automatically takes their recording of your Live broadcast displays it where your Live broadcast was posted—your Profile, Page, Group, etc. You can delete this post, if you would like.

By default, Ecamm Live creates a recording of every broadcast you produce through the app. If you’d like to use this video elsewhere, we offer a path to upload it to YouTube, or find the file in the Finder and do with it as you will.

Retrieving Your Recordings

You can find your local video recordings any time. Under the Recording Menu ➝ Show Recordings. If the default location of the recordings folder isn’t ideal for you, Recording menu ➝ Choose Recordings Folder. If you’ve previously made recordings, choosing a new recordings folder will not move the past recordings or folder.

See also: The Recordings Section of our Manual