The Basics of Adding Guests into Your Broadcast via Skype

Let’s start a basic interview broadcast, with guests, from top to bottom. Later in this tutorial we’ll walk through a more advanced setup using additional features.

Setting up and Connecting Your Guests

  • Launch Skype
  • Connect to a Skype call.
  • Launch Ecamm Live

Before going live, check your and your guest’s lighting and sound. You can make sound adjustments within Ecamm Live, using the Sound Levels Window. You’ll see a slider labeled Skype to adjust the audio level.

It’s important to note that when a Skype call is connected, its audio is always live within Ecamm Live. You should warn your guests about this, as well. If you need to mute the Skype audio, move the slider in the Sound Levels window to 0—but don’t forget to bring it back up when it’s time for your guests to talk.

Starting Your Broadcast

  • Go Live on your broadcast destination of choice (Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, etc.)

When a Skype call is connected, Ecamm Live will automatically detect each guest on the call. When Camera mode is selected, each guest on the Skype call appears in their own box at the bottom of the Main Window, in the Video Source Switcher.

  • Introduce your broadcast and guest, then add them to the broadcast

When you’re ready to add your guest to the broadcast, click that guest’s box in the Video Source Switcher. Their Skype video will fill the screen. If you would like your video to share the screen with theirs, hold the shift key and click your box in the Video Source Switcher, as well. If you previously muted your Skype guest, bring their sound levels up in the Sound Levels window

When you have more than one guest via Skype, each will have their own box in the Video Source Switcher. You may hold shift to select as many as 5 guests. Ecamm Live automatically splits the screen for each, cropping their video on the sides as needed. If you select an audio-only guest, they’ll be presented as a Skype logo on screen.

  • Interview your guest.

When the time comes to sign off, thank your guest, then switch away from their video by clicking your box in the Video Source Switcher. Thank your audience for joining you and sign off.

Ending Your Broadcast

  • Press Finish to end the broadcast.

Ecamm Live will present you with the post-broadcast options. Your guest will still be connected to the call, unless they hung up on you. You can now end your Skype call with your guest.