Setting Up

First-Run Setup

Turn off Wifi and NFC

Some Canon models have Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and NFC wireless connections. These must be disabled in the camera’s on-screen settings to allow Ecamm Live to receive video from your camera.

Turn off Power Saver

You’ll want to disable Auto Power off while shooting video, to prevent your camera from turning off automatically. (If you also shoot stills with your camera, remember to re-enable this feature to save your battery).

Put Your Camera in Picture Mode

Ensure that your Canon is set to the normal mode that you’d use to take photos. There isn’t any need to put it in video capture mode or playback mode.

Connect a Power Source

For best results, connect a power source rather than running on battery power.

Connect Your Camera

Connect your camera to your Mac via USB. If possible, connect the USB cable directly to your Mac. Connections through USB hubs may not connect or be reliable for high-bandwidth devices, such as cameras.

You will now see your Canon show up as a video source in Ecamm Live’s Camera menu!